As we’re starting to see COVID 19 restrictions ease, it’s an exciting time but it’s also a bewildering time.

Not just in the sense of “What’s open? What can I do now?” but in the bigger sense of “What’s the world going to be like?”

Truth is, no-one really knows.

Sure, lots of people have ideas and opinions and predictions, but until we get out and experience the world for ourSelf, we aren’t going to really know.

Because we’re all going to experience it in our own unique way.

This week, Jesus invites you to join him at the Sea of Galilee to recharge, so you can enter the world with renewed life force. Watch the video to experience it for yourSelf.

I love how Spirit, and in this case, Jesus, offers us exactly what we need, when we need it.

Beautifully prepared, if we choose to accept this gift, to re-enter the world. Energized and with the ability to see its beauty.

Please remember, everything is always your choice and your choices are never wrong.

Your choices suit you – they don’t have to suit anyone else.

You choose how far and fast to re-enter the world.

You choose whatever is right for you out of the freedom of your BEing.

Choose away, my friend!