Are you feeling bothered, annoyed or weighed down by the same thoughts, memories or patterns over and over again?

I kept having the same argument with someone from my past. Kept popping into my mind and I kept coming up with things I could’ve said. Annoying ?

Common wisdom suggest you “let it go” or “replace it with a positive thought”.

I’ve told myself hundreds of time to “let it go”. Didn’t work. Tried thinking of something else instead. It kept coming back.

Stephen has another, and what I believe is a more effective, solution.

I believe it’s more effective because I’ve used it. And it has changed my experience – that argument has stopped. I’ll tell you more about it later.

He calls it “Ride the painted pony and let the spinning wheel spin”. 

Yep, he’s borrowing some song lyrics but he’s not talking about heroine and the resulting trip ;). This is a really good example of words and phrases having more than one meaning. Spirit is great at this!

Watch the video to find out what he actually means and learn how to shift any persistent thoughts, memories or patterns you may have.

Mother Mary and the Archangels help with this one.


How’d that go? What did you find out?

For me, when I watched the argument, it looked like energy chasing itself – literally in a circle! I could see it was my need to be right that kept it hanging on. The solution for me was to literally wash my hands of it. I did and what a change! Doesn’t pop up anymore.

I’d love to hear what you discovered so please share it below the video in the comments section.