Soul Sessions

A channeled session with your Soul guides to help you discover more of your truth and highlight your clearest path forward into the next phase of your life and purpose. You'll gain insight, Soul tools, and actions to move you into a place of more joyful ease and freedom.

Soul Sessions – USD $999

Do you ever feel like you're missing a key piece of information about what's next for you and for furthering your purpose and impact in the world? You're moving through life leading others, making decisions and doing what you're doing, but it's not quite getting you where you wish you were?

You know there's something more for you; you can feel it, but you're unclear on how to receive it in the present moment. You want to bring forward more of your truth to get clear on what's meant for you next, the actions to move you there, and to experience even more joy, love, peace and abundance because you know it's possible.

I get it. I've helped many leaders like you discover more of their Light's truth to evolve into the next phase of their purpose, expand their impact and create the next stage of their life that reflects even more of the magnificence of their Soul's journey.

Soul Sessions are for you if you:

  • Desire to continue on your path of ascension, raise your vibration to a new level, and to deepen your consciousness and Source connection to further your impact in the world

  • Feel  like you're on the verge of a breakthrough and desire help getting to your next level of Self-awareness and truth

  • Desire to discover what the next phase of your life's purpose is and the actions that will move you forward on it

  • Want to live a more limitless life and move from your heart center rather than being stuck in your head

Because you want to live even more joyfully, truthfully and aligned with your purpose in order to create more Love in the world and flow and abundance in your life.

In a Channeled Soul Session, you’ll:

  • Get channeled messages and guidance that lead you into deeper connection with Source, Spirit and your true Self

  • Feel your truth so deeply it'll be undeniable and you won't be able to ignore what's true for you any longer

  • Discover what heart-centered actions to take to move you towards the unquestionable truth of you are and the next steps on your journey

  • Receive new Soul tools that'll support you on a day-to-day basis while living your Soul journey in human form

  • Have so many “a-ha” moments your mind will be blown (6 on average)

  • Be held, heard and supported as you ascend to meet a higher state of consciousness, knowing and the Light within you

After your Channeled Soul Session, you’ll:

  • Experience more high vibrational feelings that'll raise your energetic frequency: love, worthiness, joy, lightness, peace, freedom, empowerment, connection, expansion, wholeness

  • Make intentional decisions about your next steps on your path with trust and confidence, knowing more of who you are and what's right for you now

  • Take brave action with light in your heart knowing that you're doing what's right for you

  • Feel excited about your future, what you're going to create and what’s going to unfold for you

  • Have at least 3 Soul tools, specific and unique to you, that'll help you keep living more of your truth in ways that serve your highest good and the world's

Currently accepting new clients by referral only

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Who Am I?

I’m a Channel for Source and a Soul Coach. I’m a limitless channel that brings forward God’s love and wisdom for you through felt Source energy and channeled messages from multiple multi-dimensional Beings such as Jesus, Ascended Masters, Star Beings and more.

As a limitless channel, I bring forward guidance that is unique to you and unfiltered. Which means my mind’s ideas and opinions are never part of a session. I hold you in the highest vibration of love and acceptance and offer only what’s in your highest good and what'll serve your needs in the moment and going forward.  

It also means that I’m able to serve you at your highest level of awareness and take you beyond it. Because consciousness isn’t limited. And you, as a limitless Being, have the ability to access the boundless source of love and wisdom that consciousness IS.

Currently accepting new clients by referral only


I have worked with Lorraine for several years and I couldn’t recommend her more highly! She is incredible and has a gift. She has brought me much healing when I needed it the most. She has helped me see myself for who I am when I couldn’t see clearly. She has helped me drown out the noise that prevented me from seeing my path. Her work brings in hope, love, and light. I’m grateful to her. 

Dr Kelly Lamoreaux
Dr Kelly Lamoreaux

Instantly I started to feel the walls come down and sink into deeper trust…I started to notice how difficult I was making my life by operating in my mind…I’ve connected with so many messages from Source that have allowed me to live in the place of joy…my relationships have expanded, my love with my partner is much more open…everything feels more peaceful and more joyful…

Robyn Savage
Robyn Savage

Lorraine creates an energetic space of pure love and divine connection that transforms me every time to an even deeper connection to my own inner wisdom. She's a Master for Masters.

Lindsay Sukornyk
Lindsay Sukornyk

Currently accepting new clients by referral only

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