Have you been feeling the change that we’re experiencing? Not just in the world, but at the level of consciousness?

Our collective human consciousness is waking up and turning back to Source.

I’ve been aware of this for a while, thanks in part to my friend John Mark who was the first to talk about it with me, and guide me into an experience of it.

He spoke about it like the current of a river reversing.

I’ve experienced it, and explain it, like beams of light from the sun.

Here’s what I mean.

We were brought into existence as light – “Let there be light” and travelled out from Source/God/Creator.

We humans, as a collective conscious, focused outward and away from Source, having our various human experiences.

Like sunbeams shining out from the sun.

Still part of the whole, but with our individual beams pointing downwards and outwards, away from the centre. ☀️

Forgetting our eternal nature and connection to Source.

But what’s been happening for a while, is that we, as a collective consciousness, are turning our attention back to Source.

We’re waking up to the fact that we’re not separate. That in truth, we are eternal, infinite Souls having a human experience.

Yes, individuals have been doing this for a long while, but now, we’re doing it as a whole.

We’re coming to focus on our divinity, our true essence as Souls, in various ways, stages and speeds.

The light that we are and the centre that Source is, like sunbeams and the sun, hasn’t changed in appearance, but it’s different.

Rather than beams of light flowing away from the sun’s centre, we’re rays of light reaching back into the centre. ☀️

I hope I’ve explained this so it’s understandable.

This week’s message will help you experience it.

Jesus, Mary Magdalene and Stephen invite you closer to the light of Source/God/Creator so you can feel it and dispel any darkness you might be experiencing now or in the future.

Check out the video if you wish.

I hope that felt blissful and joyful for you.

Thank you for stepping closer to Source and letting your light shine brighter.

You’re a beacon for others.

Shine away my friend.