We all have limiting beliefs and behaviours. They may not even be ours. They may be beliefs or behaviours we’ve absorbed from others – teachers, parents, caregivers, friends, relatives, society in general.

The early bird gets the worm.

You may know this saying. It was one of my limiting beliefs. It’s societal but my parents repeated it to me so often I believed it. For a looooong time! They did out of love – to motivate me. But here’s the thing, I’m not an early morning person. My natural rhythm is to go to bed late and wake late.

I bought into it – hard!

When I worked in the corporate world, it wasn’t enough to be in the office on time – I had to be early. By 7:30! When I left the corporate world, I felt guilty when I slept late. Like I was lazy. I felt like I had to apologize or explain for setting my own business hours for a mid-morning start.

I defined my worth by the time I woke up. How crazy is that?

I wasn’t living my life. I was living up to a societal expectation. A belief that you have to rise early to be worthy of good things. This isn’t true for me. And when I woke up (haha) to the fact that this belief had nothing to do with my self worth and was limiting my desires and choices, I decided to kick it to the curb.

It was so freeing to let it go. 

I chose to set my business hours even later in the morning. I don’t feel the need to explain or apologize for sleeping later than most. It feels so good! I get up when I want, not when I’m expected to. I’m choosing to live my life on my terms. I’m honouring my desires, my Self. This is Self Love!

Stephen wants to help you kick yours. To wherever you want ;)

What’s your limiting belief or behaviour? Will you ask how to let it go? Will you choose to take action to free yourself from it?

It’s okay if you don’t.

Stephen and I aren’t here to tell you what you have to do. We’re here to guide and coach you, if you want, because we want to help you to live your life, free of limitations.

Remember, it’s always your choice.

If you do choose to let go of a limiting behaviour, share it below. Tell us what it is, how it affected you and how letting it go will change your life. You might inspire someone else to free themselves from something that limits them.