You know the veil between our world and the Spirit world people talk about?

It’s gone!

The only barrier between you and Spirit is what you’ve created.

Spirit Guide Stephen talks about this and more in this video.

This message made me ask if I have any barriers to Spirit. Turns out I do. I block Spirit sometimes because I don’t want to be “on” all the time and don’t want to be responsible for passing on a ┬ámessage.

But it holds me back from a deeper connection. And I could be missing out on a connection that enriches me. So I’m choosing the let the barrier go.

Do you think you have any barriers to Spirit?

What might they be? Why do you have them? What might your barriers be holding you back from?

Acknowledging your barrier(s) is the first step in clearing them.

Once you’ve recognized it, you can choose to keep it or let it go. It’s that simple. You might find yourself choosing to let it go more than once, but that’s okay. It’ll eventually dissolve away.