Play with Jesus to raise the vibration of consciousness

Jesus invites you to raise your vibration and all of consciousness by playing. Join me for his message and guided experience.

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Move out of suffering and into manifestation

When you fight/resist/deny what you’re experiencing right now, you come out of the flow of Oneness, creation and manifestation. By coming into harmony with what is you lessen/end your suffering and feel immediate joy and peace. You also return to the flow of creation and God and your desires manifest more quickly than when you’re […]

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How to Get Unblocked and Back into the Flow of Connection with Oneness

This guided meditation shares what causes barriers to connection to the Oneness. It also gives you the answers and tools to get back into the flow, in a fun and easy way. So you can feel the connection to the Oneness again and be guided on your journey. Watch the video for all of it! […]

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Experience Your True Essence

Spirit Guide Stephen is back this week. It feels like a long time since he’s brought you a message. And he’s his usual playful self. He wants to take you deeper into the Sea of Knowing so you can experience your true essence and deepen your connection and communion with the Oneness. If you want […]

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Loraine Manners, Soul Coach & Spirit Channeler

Experience a Field of Calm & Oneness

We’re certainly experiencing some interesting times right now, aren’t we? How’re you doing amidst all the growing uncertainty that surrounds Coronavirus/COVID-19? Is the news making you a bit worried? Are you picking up the energy of others that are worrying? Maybe you’re doing just fine but are tired of the relentless conversations/news cycle about the […]

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