We all have things that put off doing to some point in the future.

“I’ll buy myself that coat when I’ve lost a little more weight.”
“I’ll take that trip when things are quieter at work/home.”
“I’ll make more time for myself when my kids are a little older.”
“I’ll date once I’ve fixed this, that and the other about myself.”

Why do we do this? What are we telling ourselves by choosing to put our wants on hold to some random time in the future?

Stephen talks to you this week about what you’ve been putting off, offers you some practical tips on moving forward with some of your dreams, desires and plans and the timing of making them a reality. Watch the video to find out what he’s got to say.


What are the one, two or three things you’re going to take off your “do someday” list?

Mine are: 1. Choosing to know and feel my abundance now, not at some vague point in the future when I’ve got X number of dollars in the bank, and, 2. Choosing, right now, to release any and all limitations I have created that are holding me back from knowing my full freedom as a Soul.

I’d love to know what yours are. Share them with me and others in the comments box below the video. Putting them out there will make them more real for you and you’ll be more inclined to take action on them rather than just think about them.

I’m cheering you on as you “do you” and take your acts of self-love.