Is there anything new that you’re longing for?

A new way of being?

A new experience?

New ideas?

Well, the good thing is we’re in the “New” era.

Nothing is as it was and anything is possible.

So what new do you want? What might you let go of?

Stephen and Jesus are here this week to help you understand this new era and discover what new you want.

Watch the video to explore more.

What “new” came up for you?

As you go forward thinking about this “new”, don’t worry about the how.

When we start thinking about “how” we often look to past experiences to create it and that can be limiting.

And as we’re in the “New” era, the past isn’t going to be helpful.

Rather, focus on the “what” and be in wonder about how it will manifest.

Ask yourself, “I wonder how it will occur?” and then wait and see how it unfolds.

This way, there are no limitations to what can be delivered to you.

Yes, I know waiting can be difficult, but patience, my friend. Gifts will come.

Enjoy the anticipation of the gifts of new that are coming your way!