Is there anything going on in your life or the world right now that’s making you feel out-of-sorts?

Maybe making you feel small?

Or intimidated?

Or overwhelmed?

A Elephant guide has some practical help for you this week. Spirit Guide Stephen does, too.

Watch the video if you want this guidance.

It’s incredible what a shift in perspective and breathing into your Soul awareness can do for you, isn’t it?

And the creativity that can arise!

For me, having to wear a mask and seeing others in masks has been making me cranky.

As I did this exercise, taking a spectator role, I calmed right down and laughed out loud!

I laughed because I came up with the idea of making mask wearing a game.

To count how many coloured ones I see. To look for funny ones, etc.

It immediately took me out of the circus or “game”, if you will, and my crank was gone.

How did this feel for you?

What creative solution did you come up with for what’s been bothering you lately?

Please share in the comments below the video.