I always take the advice that Stephen and friends give.

This week’s made me think and take stock.

I was surprised by the size of my bouquet. More on that later.

Watch the video to find out what I’m talking about.


So, who’s in your bouquet?

I sat down and started a list and in about 3 minutes I was up to 50! It included people, spirit guides and animals. And I could’ve kept going, too.

What surprised me was that the number was that high so quickly. 

I’m an introvert and have always had a few close friends, not a large group. The usual suspects were top of my list, of course, but more and more names kept flowing. It made me realize how many people there are in my life that bring me joy, are there for support should I ask, and who make me smile.

This exercise made me truly aware of how blessed I am. 

I wonder how big your bouquet will be? I hope you take the time to find out.