Why Being a Clown is Good For You

You may not be a fan of clowns, but keep reading.

Stephen isn’t talking about circus clowns or party clowns this week.

He’s talking about when you feel foolish or like an imposter.

And that it’s okay.

Feeling clownish in these ways can bring insight, growth and self-love.

Watch the video and you’ll understand.

Now you understand!

I’ve felt clownish so many times in my own life.

When I first started channeling for others, I did feel like an imposter. I had a strong knowing that it’s what I should be doing but when I first put on that “clown suit” it felt a bit scary. Good, but scary. I was bringing an aspect of my Self forward that for most of my life I hadn’t even known existed. The more I wore that suit, the more I knew mySelf and the more confident I grew as a channel for Spirit.

This message also gave me a huge gift of self-love.

When I was channeling this message, the memory that came up for me was one from my teenage years. I was 16 and it was during the Christmas holidays. I had gone shopping with a girlfriend and some boys we sort of knew from another high school. They were cute and popular and I wanted them to think I was cool and pretty. I was wearing my new red Patagonia bomber jacket (a Christmas present I’d begged for) and had my hands in pockets, trying to look cool, as we were looking around a jewelry store. As we turned to leave, my elbow hit a glass case of earrings and knocked it over. Thankfully I caught it so nothing broke but I was sooo embarrassed. So NOT cool!

I haven’t thought of that memory in years but whenever it came up in the past, there was still some lingering embarrassment over that awkward moment. When it came up this time, all I could feel was love for mySelf at that age. So confused about who I was, and trying so hard and yet so sweet and innocent.

I’m grateful for being a clown.

How about you?

What growth, insight or self-love has come forward for you? Please share in the comments below the video.

About the Author :
Lorraine Manners

Empowering conscious individuals to ever deeper Self-discovery at a Soul level, through felt experiences, so that they feel worthy, powerful and confident EVERY DAY, and transform the world with their Light.

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