Why Knowing Your Balloon’s Colour is an Act of Self-love

Have you been taking care of yourSelf lately?

You know it’s important to take care of yourSelf, of course, but it’s really important right now.

There’s a huge universal shift going on right now. I’m feeling it and so are a lot of others.

Friends have been telling me how life has been feeling rather chaotic and tumultuous lately. People being brought into their lives from the past in order to resolve things. People dropping away. Events conspiring that make you feel stretched to the limit.

Do you know what it is that you specifically need right now?

It’s sometimes easy to know you need self-care but not always easy to know what that self-care should be. And you may think “I don’t have the time or space for self-care right now.”

Stephen will guide you to know what you specifically need right now. 

It may not require extra time at all. It’ll also help deepen your intuition and your trust in it. Choosing self-care is an act of self-love.

Watch the video to choose self-care and self-love.

My balloon has vertical orange and yellow stripes. The orange is telling me to be tolerant of mySelf. The yellow that I need to get outdoors more.

What colour was your balloon? What do you specifically need right now? What act of self-love will you gift yourSelf with this self-care?

Please share anything you’re drawn to share. It helps show others that choosing self-care is important.

About the Author :
Lorraine Manners

Empowering conscious individuals to ever deeper Self-discovery at a Soul level, through felt experiences, so that they feel worthy, powerful and confident EVERY DAY, and transform the world with their Light.

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8 thoughts on “Why Knowing Your Balloon’s Colour is an Act of Self-love”

  1. I know, I know he said only one ballon. And I did take one, at first. Orange, vibrant and energizing; with the message of joy, cheerful and happy. But not over the top, jumping up and down joy, but calm joy. And then…i just had to go get the second ballon, it was just floating in front of me, so I grabbed it. a lovely blue, sky blue, azure, with the message of serenity, tranquillity. So they go well together, a calm and peaceful joy, not over the top with fireworks. And I can see lots of walks in the park to enjoy nature, smile at the beauty, and be peaceful with the experience. What a great exercise, thank you and Stephen!

    1. Hey Tina. Love that you grabbed two! And the meanings of them for you. Just goes to show you how individual colours are unique to each of us. Enjoy your walks and the calm, peaceful joy, serenity and tranquility.

  2. Joyce here! The one who has entered your mailboxes the last two weeks :-) I trust that you all felt the Love that was being extended out to you <3 What a great experience today! Thanks Lorraine and Stephen! I saw many beautifully coloured balloons, but the one that came forward for me was a brilliant yellow with vibrant red stars all over it. I heard that the yellow represented wondrous joy, and the red stars represented limitless possibilities. So this week I choose to be open to embrace joy, however and whenever it shows up.

  3. Hi Lorraine. I’m very excited to share. My balloon was “Emerald Green”. Intuitively I thought of the Emerald City in The Wizard of Oz and knew it meant that I need to “Pamper Myself”. The music: “ step out of the dark, step into the light” came to my ears; and yesterday I saw a beautiful rainbow which is always a powerful message from Spirit to TRUST. Coincidentally the movie has been one of my touchstones for years now. Gentle. Calm. Quiet. Shave. Moisturize. Pedi/Mani. Sleep. Read. Relax. Meditate. Watch the movie!! Nurture the body, mind and soul. Great message.
    Thank you!!! Shelly

    1. Shelly, that’s amazing. How you knew what exactly the balloon colour was about and the rainbow reinforcing the message of trust. Cool! Love the lyric you shared “step out of the dark, step into the light”. May we all do that! Thank you for sharing.

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