Okay, this message made me uncomfortable.

I’m a gardener and I like pulling weeds so Stephen’s advice to leave them didn’t sit right.

And not just as a gardener.

I’m a perfectionist, too. I like things to be orderly and when something I don’t like comes up, I want to deal with it right away.

This video made me feel a bit uncomfortable. A bit irritated. I thought about re-recording it. I thought about not putting it out all.

Because who likes to be uncomfortable?

I’d say none of us! Whether it’s physically, spiritually, emotionally or energetically. So the idea of leaving weeds – things that bother me, irritate me, or that I find painful – isn’t comfortable.

But there are gifts in the weeds.

It took me watching this video again to understand this. Stephen isn’t really talking about not dealing with your weeds. He’s talking about not denying them, hiding from them, or ignoring them.

Watch the video – maybe twice – and you’ll understand.


The realization that when we allow the weeds – what’s uncomfortable or painful in our lives – we deal with it and it goes. It’s season is over.

When I stopped trying to deny that this video needed to go out as is, I got the gift. That not everything has to fit into my image of perfection. Ah, that’s a relief!

What weeds will you embrace? What gift will open?

Please share any gifts you receive below the video. Sharing your gifts spreads the wealth!