Do you ever think about your freedom?

What being free means to you?  Not just generally, but in your every day life?

What does freedom mean to you?

When you say to yourSelf “I am free”, how does that feel?

Watch this video for Stephen’s take on your freedom. It can change your outlook, perceptions and life.

Spirit Guide Stephen’s Feb.14.19 Message Transcript

When you say “I am free” now, does it feel any different?

For me, it makes me more aware of my choices.

I am free – to say “no thank you” to the North American definition of success – prestigious job, long hours, buckets of money, flash car, etc.

I am free to create my own definition of success – having rich relationships, enjoying what I do, helping others find meaning and joy on their journeys, and having ample free time to pursue my interests.

I am free to bitch to myself about shovelling snow, ice and slush in the rain (Tuesday ?) and not feel guilty because my thoughts weren’t positive!

I am free to feel joyous, even when I’m bitching about shoveling, because I know it’s my true nature.

How about you? What are you free to do, see, believe? Share it in the comments section below.