YouFinder Monthly Membership

YOU want to FIND your eternal nature to:

  • Know your true power and worth in the world

  • Feel peaceful every day amidst the chaos of the world

  • Feel true love for yourSelf and others, lessening judgment

  • Create a life that is filled with joy under any circumstances

  • Feel fulfilled and have an impact on the world

Not sure how to find and feel your eternal nature and all your glory?

I had this same problem when I first started meditating. I’d hear, “Everything you need is within you.” and wonder “Where inside me is all this?? How do I find it?”

I finally found a mentor in 2017 who helped me discover my Soul, my eternal nature, and all the love, peace, joy and more that exists there – within me! I've been living from this awareness and helping others do so, too, ever since.

As a result, I feel joyful every day, abundance and ease flow to me without effort, I feel powerful and confident that I can handle any change that comes my way and peaceful in the face of it. And feeling my Self-love has allowed me to share my true Self with the world without guilt, shame or apology.

I can help feel and live this way, too. Quickly, easily and effortlessly.

 YouFinder offers you:

  • Guided experiences that will connect you to your eternal nature so you can feel your true power, peace, love and joy that exist within you

  • Experiences that transcend words which create immediate and lasting transformation

  • A way to find your true Self so that you feel connected, grounded, balanced and aligned with the Divine every day

  • Experiences that set you free from searching for validation in, and, from the world

  • Connection to your divine Self that will transform your beliefs and perceptions about your Self, your life and the world, into ones filled with more love, acceptance, and compassion. For yourself and others. And grow your feelings of Self-worth

  • The ability to access your Soul’s love, joy and peace even in your most stressful moments

  • Someone (me!) to empower you with the tools to keep deepening your connection to your eternal Self and reaping all the wisdom, love and guidance that awaits you there

  • Time to honor yourSelf

  • The opportunity to get personal guidance within a safe community of like-minded Souls all gathered to grow and share on their journeys of enlightenment (Available with Level 3 membership)

If you’re ready to meet and feel your eternal nature - to FIND YOU - so that you can feel loved, confident, joyful and peaceful every day and transform the world with your Light, join YouFinder right now and get started immediately with a bonus meditation.

You’ve got three options to choose from:

Yearly (Get 2 Months Free)

Level 1

$11.99 / Month

  • Unlimited Use of Recorded Meditations
  • Download Meditations
  • Live Member Session
  • Ask Personal Guidance Questions

Level 2

$24.99 / Month

  • Unlimited Use of Recorded Meditations
  • Download Meditations
  • Live Member Session
  • Ask Personal Guidance Questions

Level 3

$39.99 / Month

  • Unlimited Use of Recorded Meditations
  • Download Meditations
  • Live Member Session
  • Ask Personal Guidance Questions

LEVEL 1: Unlimited use of recorded meditations. New meditations are released on the first 3 Sundays of every month. You also get access to previous recordings. All for the life of your membership. As a Level 1 member, listen and use any and all meditations as often as you’d like inside your membership portal. $11.99/month, 2 months free if you pay yearly.

LEVEL 2: Unlimited use and downloads of recorded meditations, with new meditations released on the first 3 Sundays of every month, along with access to any previous recordings. As a Level 2 member, you can use the meditations within your membership portal and also download them to keep and use for life. $24.99/ month, 2 months free if you pay yearly. 

LEVEL 3: The same benefits as Level 2, PLUS, attendance in a monthly, live member session with me (fourth Monday of every month at 1:00 pm EST) where you’ll join other YouFinder members for live channeled guidance, guided meditations, and the opportunity to share and ask questions for personal guidance. Additionally, you’ll be able to gain insights from other member’s sharing and personal coaching. $39.99/month, 2 months free if you pay yearly.

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