How often to do you feel joy?

Every day? Once a week? Once a month? On special occasions only?

Do you limit it in anyway?

Do you play the, “If this happens, then I’ll feel joyful” game? Or think, “The world is a horrible place. How can I possibly feel joy when so many are suffering?” Maybe you don’t even notice you’re doing it.

Want to find out?

Stephen guides you through an exercise so you can find out how much joy you’re allowing yourself and how open up to more. It’s his version of a joy-o-meter.

Watch the video to learn where you’re at.


When we’re joyful, we lift up others up.

It’s true. When you claim joy for yourSelf, you claim it for others. That oneness thing. ;)

When you claim it for yourSelf, your energy is high and others benefit just by being around you. And it radiates out into the world.

And, it feels damn good! Don’t limit it!

So? Is your circle big or small or somewhere in between? Did you find any barriers to joy? Share in the comments section below the video.

Your sharing may provide an “a-ha” for someone else and “presto” more joy in the world!