I’ve been reflecting this past week on the new year.

I’ve been hearing a lot of people talking about their hopes for 2021 being a better year.

Ushering in the “new”.

I totally understand the desire for a different experience and what new may come.

What I’ve been reflecting on is, what it appears to be to me, is that people are expecting the “new” to come with what’s basically a turn of a calendar page.

For me, this feels a little like giving our power over to time and expecting time to deliver the “new”.

Yes, certainly, time will bring in the new – change is nothing if not constant and since we’re experiencing time moving forward, the new will come with the passing of time.

But what about the “new” that we create ourselves?

By reflecting, going within, making different choices, claiming more of our truth, etc.?

We don’t have to wait for a new year to experience our own “new”.

It can happen any time when we choose to use our own power to make change.

This week, Jesus/Jeshua and Stephen explain and guide you to discover the “new” that you’ve already begun in your own life.

Yes, it’s about to be the “New Year” as this video is posted, but I hope it helps you to know that the new for you has already begun and that it can happen anytime – you don’t have to wait for a specific date.

What new did you discover that you’ve already started?

Please share with me in the comments below the video.

I always love to hear from you.