Has anyone told you today that you’re magnificent?

If no one, has, I will.

You’re magnificent!

Unfortunately, this isn’t a message we get very often is it?

More common are messages about how we’re not measuring up.

You might be hearing these kinds of messages from family or friends. Like when they tell you you need to be more outgoing. Or, you shouldn’t be so outspoken. Maybe it’s that you’re not doing enough. Or, that you’re doing too much.

Maybe someone at work is telling you to be more efficient or to work smarter.

Media is certainly trying to tell you how to look, behave, think. “Be your best self!” is a familiar mantra. What does that even mean?

You’re magnificent just as you are, right now. 

Yes, you’re making changes but not because you’re not magnificent now – but because you want to know more of your magnificence.

Stephen is celebrating you and the magnificence of yourSElf that you’re unveiling.

He’s giving you an experience you can feel and use this week.

Watch the video to get it.


Are you celebrating your Self? I hope so. I hope you celebrate your magnificence today and every day – with Stephen or without him!

I’m celebrating my magnificence, and as I do, I’m celebrating yours, too.